Board of Directors

3Campus Co-op is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of current and past members. Each of Campus Co-ops four divisions has a Division Representative sitting on the Board.  Division Reps are elected at the first division meeting of the year.  In addition to the Division Reps, 6 members-at-large and 2 alumni serve as Directors of the Board.  Division Reps serve twelve month terms.  Three members at large and one alumni director shall be elected to a twelve month term, starting at the Fall General Meeting. Their terms will run from their election until their positions are filled with new directors at the following year's Fall General Meeting.  Another three members at large and one alumni director shall be elected to a twelve month term at the Spring General Meeting. Their terms shall run from May 1st of the year they are elected until April 30 of the following year. The Board meets at least once a month to discuss and decide by vote on issues pertaining to governance, by-laws, policy, budget, special projects, strategic planning and special consideration requests.   Please go to Co-op Board of Directors to get to know your current Board members.


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Joining a committee allows you to gain invaluable skills and experience in collaboration, organization and time management, planning and executing projects and democratic decision making.  If you have an idea for a committee, suggest it to your Division Rep.

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annex division awesomeCampus Co-op Houses belong to four divisions, based on their location.  Each division has an elected representative on the Board of Directors. The division representative's job is to conduct Division Meetings, and speak to the Board on behalf of the division, and shares the Boards response with the division.  Division meetings take place at least once a term, to elect officials, and to discuss and make decisions by vote on issues of division-wide interest, such as meal plans.





halloween 2Each House has a house manager.  This is a paid position.  House managers are hired through a hiring process. The house manager's main responsibility is to co-ordinate and monitor house chores and nightly kitchen clean-up chores, and being the go-between between the office and maintenance and the house for things such as house supplies, maintenance repairs, etc.  In addition, the House Manager chairs House meetings and is the first person to call upon if there is a conflict in the house. Finally, the House Manager attends meetings with all the other House Managers from their Division. There are also at least two Town Hall meetings a year for House Managers from all four divisions. These broader meetings allow House Managers to compare notes, discuss concerns and convey solutions to their houses. 


2Every member in good standing may run for a representative position on the Board.  Any member of a house can call a house meeting if they need to discuss an issue affecting the whole house.  Members of a house can decide by vote if they for example wish to declare a house a quiet house, what the house budget should be spent on, should the house have a party, or undertake a project.  The houses are self-governing in this sense, as long as they function within the framework of Campus Co-op by-laws and policy.  Members also attend Division Meetings and Co-op wide General Meetings to participate in democratic decision making processes.


9Campus Co-ops alumni (past members) provide invaluable help serving on the Board of Directors.  In preparation for Campus Co-ops 80th Anniversary, Campus Co-op is seeking input from its Alumni as we would like past members to be part of the celebrations.  If interested in participating, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Campus Co-op Staff assists members in countless ways to ensure that their stay is enjoyable.  For a listing of Co-op Staff with contact information and a brief description of their portfolio, please go to: Staff Directory