the house 1(Jane Jacobs House)

120 Madison is the Graduate Theme House, colloquially known as "Grad House." It has 13 rooms, with five different options for double occupancy. Each floor has its own kitchen and washroom. The house is north of Bloor in the heart of the quiet, and grand residential area known as "The Annex," from which the division derives its name. In order to reside in this house members must be pursuing post-graduate degrees such as a Post-graduate certificate, Masters or Doctorate.

Those house is named after George (aka King) Umehara who was an early Co-op member, former General Manager, and founder of King Entertainment. During the 30 years in which he was a Co-op member, George Umehara founded and led Co-op's Alumni Association. He bequeatherd a geneous amount of many to Co-op when when he passed away in 1969. That same year Co-op acquired 120 Madison.