One of two divisions without meal plans, Annex is best known for its beautiful Victorian homes. It is mainly residential, with quiet, tree lined one-way streets lined with Victorian and Edwardian homes and mansions, most of them built between 1880 and the early 1900s. The stretch of Bloor Street between St. George and Bathurst is a vibrant social and retail area, offering to Toronto a wide range of services from upscale dining to discount retailers like Honest Ed's. The neighbourhood has a thriving cultural scene, with the Tranzac (Toronto Australia-New Zealand) Club, the Bathurst Street Theatre, the Bloor Cinema (repertory cinema) and the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. Stores are open late and some restaurants are open well past midnight.

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120 Madison Avenue, Jane Jacobs House

429 Brunswick Avenue, Toad Lane

612 Huron Street, Manson House

614 Huron Street, 6Fourteen

620 Huron Street, Scott House

146 Howland Avenue, Elephant Grove