Age Requirements

All residents and/or members living in Campus Co-Op Residence must be at least 17 years of age. Anyone interested in applying for residency younger than 17 years of age will need to contact the administration office directly.

Proof of Student Status

Proof of student status is a requirement for any member living in Campus Co-Op during the Fall/Spring term. It can be a letter from your registrar's office and/or a paid invoice from your institution which details your full name and student number. This documentation must indicate you are enrolled as a full time student. New Co-Op members not able to provide proof of student status by September 1st will not be accepted as a Co-Op member unless approved for special consideration by the Board of Directors.

Requirements for Renewal

Renewal applications submitted after March 1st will NOT be considered. There will be no exceptions. Returning Co-OP members missing this deadline MUST apply as a new incoming applicant.

Returning members renewing for the Fall/Spring Term with current student status can do so without limitations. However these members MUST provide proof of student status no later than September 1st. Returning members not able to provide proof of status by the deadline will automatically be placed on a Grace year.

Returning members renewing for the Fall/Spring Term currently considered on a grace year will only be accepted for September renewal once they provide proof of status by June 15th unless approved for special consideration by the Board of Directors before March 31st Special Considerations submission deadline.

Summer Term Move-out Requirements

Summer residency agreements, unless otherwise specified, automatically end August 28th. Any summer resident with Campus Co-Op MUST vacate their room no later than 12 noon on the move-out date specified in their rental agreement. Any resident not able to abide by the scheduled departure date and time will be fined $75.00. An additional daily fee of $75.00 will be applied to subsequent days to those remaining in the room beyond the move-out date

Smoking Policy

  1. No smoking will be permitted within any house or enclosed Campus Cooperative Residence structure (interior only).
  2. House Managers are required to fine individuals for violation of this policy up to $25.
  3. Additional costs related to cleaning, replacement, and restoring smoke free conditions may also be levied.
  4. Subject to issuance of a warning, the facilities department may fine a house ($15/member + costs), whereupon, by house meeting decision, member fines may be re-allocated to the individual(s) responsible.
  5. Smoking on Campus Cooperative Residence property is still allowed but only considered acceptable outside the buildings ie in yards, on porches, balconies, decks etc.
  6. In event of a dispute, the definition of outside would be set out by a Board decision and will follow any and all Co-Op procedures.

Pet Policy

Campus Co-Op has adopted a NO PETS Policy.

Double Occupancy

Two people living in one room is possible within Campus Co-Op Residence. A room allocation of this type would be considered a Double Room. Every individual applicant and/or existing member/s intending to share a room must make arrangements with the office PRIOR to moving in. Any unauthorized residencies with two people in a room beyond existing guest policies will be faced with monetary fines.

Only selected rooms within the Co-op are designated for Double Occupancy.

Only Members considering residency for the full Fall/Spring term will be able to apply for Double Occupancy.

Each individual considering Double Occupancy MUST submit an online application separately specifying their desire to live in a double occupancy room. Each application MUST provide the name of the individual they intend to have a double occupancy with.

Individuals wishing to reside in double room occupancy MUST each separately provide any and all fees and deposit moneys required prior to admission in Campus Co-Op Residence.

Deposit Requirements: Renewals

All members planning to renew residency with Campus Cooperative Residence after April 30thmust be a member in good standing. This means in order for your renewal application to be accepted, your member ledger must be paid in full and each returning members must submit a $25.00 nonrefundable Annual Membership Fee.

The deposit of $500.00 submitted when entering residency with Campus Co-Op will be used to hold your room allocation for Fall/Spring.

Rooms can be cancelled in writing up until August 31st and members will be released from any contractual agreement obligations. Written notice must be submitted to the Membership Coordinator. Cancellation fees will be applied accordingly from the date in which the notice is received. Please review the Cancellation Fee Schedule below.

The remainder of your reservation deposit will be refunded 4 to 6 weeks after the cancellation notice is received. As of August 8th cancellations will result in the loss of the full $500.00 deposit.

CANCELLATIONS - September 1st or later

The contract takes effect on September 1st. If canceling the room in writing on September 1st or later you will be charged the fees for the room until a replacement is found up to a maximum of the end of that term.

The Returning members MUST agree to pay the first month housing fee prior to moving in.

Deposit Requirements: New Applicants

In order to secure a room allocation, you must pay the refundable Security Deposit of $500 and the nonrefundable annual Membership Fee of $25. A $1000 deposit is required for any international visitor (any country OTHER than Canada) applying exclusively for summer stays between May 1st and August 28th. First Month?s Rent housing fee MUST also be provided prior to moving in.

ALL payments can be made in the following ways:

  1. Money order, bank draft or travelers' cheque(s) in CANADIAN dollars made payable to 'CAMPUS CO-OP RESIDENCE' for $500.00 for the Deposit and $25 for the Annual Membership Fee. These two amounts can be combined for a total payable to Campus Co-op of $525.00.
  2. Provision of a signed declaration authorizing Campus Cooperative Residence to use your credit card for the purposes of paying the Security Deposit and Annual Membership Fee. (This is currently the only permitted use of credit cards for paying fees to Campus Co-op. All other payments must be made by cheque, bank draft, travelers' cheques or money order. We do not accept cash.) Rooms can be cancelled in writing up until August 31st and members will be released from any contractual agreement obligations. Written notice must be submitted to the Member Services Co-ordinator. Cancellation fees will be applied accordingly from the date in which the notice is received. Please review the Cancellation Fee Schedule below. The remainder of your reservation deposit will be refunded 4 to 6 weeks after the cancellation notice is received. As of August cancellations will result in the loss of the full $500.00 deposit.

Meal Plan Requirements

Lowther (167 and 169) and North include mandatory meal plans during the Fall/Spring school term. Our goal is to provide a healthy and basic diet, at a low cost, allowing members to supplement their diet with extras as they please.

Meal plans begin operating fully during weeks that classes are in session and generally follow the University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Science school term schedule. Members are responsible for buying and preparing their own food until classes begin and during exam and holiday periods.

There is no opting out of the meal plan and no compensation for missed meals. Campus Co-Op cannot cater to special dietary needs, such as allergies or other medical or religious dietary requirements.

Co-Op Member's in a North division eat their meals in the dining hall located at 403 Huron Street. The dining hall also provides a space for you and other members to meet with each other informally to build the community of the co-operative.  If you live in  another division, you are also able to buy into the meal plan in North Division.

All the meal plans are run in co-operation with the Co-Op office, namely the Member Services Department with a professional chef/cook directly managing kitchen operations for the dining hall.

Requirements for Guarantors

All residents applying to live in Campus Co-Op Residence MUST provide a guarantor signature and/or grant Campus Co-Op authority to use a credit card for any and all arrears and/or any unpaid fees bound by the performance and obligations found within the Residency Agreement signed prior to residency.

It is recommended that individual applicants coming from a distance choosing to use a parental and/or another individuals credit card make provisions to grant Co-Op permission use the credit card from the said cardholder for purposes of being a guarantor PRIOR to arrival.

Cancellation Fee Schedule

Excerpt From Campus Co-op By-Laws As Amended On March 14, 2010 Cancellation Fees For The Fall And Winter Term×

6.If an applicant who has accepted membership and a room in the Co-operative for the Fall terms by signing the agreements and paying the $500 deposit cancels their room, a cancellation fee shall apply according to the following schedule:

  1. the member will forfeit $60 of their deposit if the member cancels four months before the date of move in,
  2. $150 if the member cancels three months prior to move-in,  
  3. $300 two months prior to move in, and
  4. the entire deposit if the member cancels with one month or less notice prior to move in.

1.In addition, if the member cancels their room on or after their scheduled move in date, they are liable for a pro-rated portion of the residency fees for that room until such time as the Co-op fills the vacancy caused as a direct result of the membership ending.

1.The Membership Coordinator, at their discretion, may reduce or eliminate the cancellation fee if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  1. the cancellation is from a student; and
  2. the cancellation can be demonstrated to result from an institutional decision about financing or admission; and
  3. the canceling member has provided the Head Office with written notification at the time of confirming room acceptance of their possible need to cancel.
  4. The date of cancellation shall be the date on which a written cancellation notice is received at the Head Office. In special cases, the Membership Coordinator, at their discretion, may accept a verbal cancellation by telephone.